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Due to Covid-19 all workshops are currently being held online.

17th April 2021:

The Hidden Nature of Sibling Sexual Abuse

This workshop is for professionals working within the field of abuse or for professionals supporting anyone who may have experienced CSA.

The workshop will specifically look at:

  • The range of sibling and peer on peer sexual abuse
  • The nature of sexually harmful behaviour in children
  • The nature of typical age appropriate consensual sexual exploration between siblings
  • The nature of atypical non-consensual sexual behaviour between siblings
  • The role of grooming and ‘normalisation’ of sexually harmful behaviour
  • How to talk to children about sex and sexuality to help protect them from sexually harmful behaviour
  • The long-term effects of sibling sexual abuse
  • The difficulties faced by parents and primary caregivers when sibling abuse is disclosed
  • How legitimising the abuse can facilitate recovery and healing

Cost: £50 (Non refundable)

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