Groups & Workshops

One in Four runs courses and workshops for survivors to look at issues related to a history of sexual abuse. Working in a group is a powerful way to understand more about the impact of sexual abuse. By working with others who have had similar experiences it is possible to break the silence of your experience and to meet other survivors.


We encourage clients to join these courses alongside individual counselling as the group process is very powerful. Participants often develop strong bonds with peers who have walked a similar journey.

Our training sessions are delivered by senior counsellors, experienced in the field of trauma.


We run regular psychoeducation courses and workshops for clients in our South London and North London centres.

Our psychoeducation course is based on The Warrior Within: A One in Four handbook to recovery from childhood sexual abuse and violence.

This eight-week course gives survivors the opportunity to explore and grow in a safe and non-judgemental environment. There are lots of opportunities to learn techniques and helpful activities, which support and reduce anxiety, depression, flashbacks and low self-esteem.

It runs as a closed group and covers themes including trust, expressing your feelings and needs, maintaining self-care, preventing relapse, rebuilding relationships, disclosure, reconnecting to life and post-traumatic growth.

Groups are restricted to 12 participants. For more information on please email



We also run workshops on different themes such as:

The Body Keeps the Score

Looking at practical exercises to release the trauma in the body

From Victim, Survivor to Thriver

Looking at empowerment exercises and practical ways to live more fully and become a thriver

Awareness Raising on Disclosure

A chance to look at how to manage feelings around disclosure

“The counselling and workshops at One in Four have helped me accept that my recovery is a lifelong journey. The most important quality I have received is empathy.”

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