Narcissistic Injuries, Neglect and Relational Trauma

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Training: Narcissistic Injuries, Neglect and Relational Trauma

Date: 12th February 2022

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Zoom

Narcissistic injuries are primarily attributable to unmet mirroring needs in childhood and lack of empathic attunement, or due to severe traumatisation, abuse or neglect. Such injuries can also occur as a result of relational trauma in which a child is excessively idealised and not seen or accepted for who they are; but seen as an extension of the primary caregiver. It is crucial for therapists to fully comprehend the underlying dynamics of narcissistic injuries, so they can effectively interpret the apparently contradictory behaviours of such clients. We need a better understanding of the linkages between relational trauma, unmet mirroring needs and expressed narcissistic traits – so we can remain empathic when working with narcissism and provide a non-shaming therapeutic space.

No More Week 6th – 12th March

No More Week 6th – 12th March

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