Student Placement Opportunity

Mar 11, 2021 | News

One in Four is a charity which provides specialist and restorative therapeutic services for people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual violence.

One in Four offers a range of excellent training and career advancement opportunities as well as high quality support and supervision for placement students. One in Four is committed to working hand in hand with training institutions to ensure a positive placement experience.

We prefer that our volunteers are able to make a 24-month commitment to the client work as we offer two year contracts to clients. Volunteers need to be aware that clients’ material can often be extremely graphic and traumatic and we need to ensure they have a level of personal resilience to support them in working with these issues.

Placement Counsellors must have the following:

  • Individual insurance
  • Be a member of the BACP or other equivalent body
  • A minimum of 50 counselling hours with another placement. (Although consideration may be given to lesser hours)
  • Have a private supervisor in addition to the free supervision provided by One in Four
  • Students need to be in personal therapy

Our Expertise

Counsellors and Psychotherapists are appropriately trained and supervised according to the BACP ethical guidelines and have additional skills in this specialist field. One in Four is committed to user empowerment, and operates a thorough quality assurance and competency framework for all professional services.

If you or someone you know of would like a placement with us, please contact:

For South London Placements:
0208 697 2112 or 07980 704978

For North London placements:
07580 733271

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