‘A New Dawn’ by Ash Phipps

Once there was darkness and fear inside
No self-worth and a lack of pride
I was always running away from me
Determined to escape who I might be
One day the running just had to end
And my troubled mind began to mend
I faced the truth and braved the storm
Then re-emerged to a new dawn
I’m still insecure in a number of ways
Though I have many more positive days
I don’t feel ashamed of who I am
I don’t feel bitterness towards the man
I accept my fate was an ugly act
But I’m still beautiful, that’s a fact
Remember the innocence taken away
Is a terrible loss no-one can repay
I wish you luck in all you do
And send you prayers to see you through
May a new day dawn and bring you peace
May your troubles end and your love increase
This is a poem for all of you
Who suffered abuse in childhood too

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