‘C***head’ by Lil’ Nikki

You stole my childhood, with your sickness and lies
You made me feel sick and disgusting and filthy inside
Well guess what c***head, you can’t touch me no more
For I am an adult, closing that door
Your face makes me sick and if you were here
I would burn that body until it couldn’t hurt me no more
I was a child, why the f*** me?
You tainted me and raped me of my innocence
You made me your whore
I knew I wasn’t the first and there’s no way I was the last
You’re an evil sick f****, wearing that mask
What did you think? That I was going to give in?
Your shitty white car
Your perverted face
Your rancid body
Your dirty money
Your filthy hands
All this time you haunted me but I’ve just realised
You can’t touch me!
I made it stop
Go ahead f*****… go f*** up no other

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