Narcissistic Injuries, Neglect and Relational Trauma: 8th July 2023.

Mar 24, 2023 | Events/Workshops, News, Training | 0 comments

This training will be useful for psychotherapists, counsellors, and psychologists across modalities, and specifically discusses the following:

Can relational trauma induce narcissism? What are the underlying dynamics that we need to comprehend?
How can we conceptualise narcissism on a spectrum, ranging from domineering and extroverted to introverted and neurotic?

The linkages between narcissism and narcissistic injuries to early childhood trauma, neglect, and relational trauma (as explained through Kohut’s Self Psychology).

The key distinctions between healthy narcissism and dysfunctional narcissism – including the traits we need to be able to identify.

The role of shame and dissociation in the development of narcissism and the implications this has for the therapeutic relationship.

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