‘The Warrior Within’ Handbook


Written by Christiane Sanderson

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The Warrior Within 4th Edition: A One in Four Handbook to aid recovery from childhood sexual abuse and violence.

This classic, highly regarded practical handbook for survivors of childhood sexual abuse is now in its fourth edition. It has been revised and updated, with additional sections on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and domestic abuse.

The legacy of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) can haunt survivors into adulthood. To have survived so far shows that you possess a number of valuable resources, not least your warrior within. This handbook will support the strength and courage of the warrior within you, by providing additional resources and exercises to help you take ownership of your recovery, and begin to reclaim and rebuild your life, embracing a better future.

This book is for survivors of CSA and sexual violence of all genders who have been abused, either within or outside the family, including siblings, or in a religious context. It is a portable resource which will support you when you most need. It is designed to help you pace your recovery and create a safe secure space to regain trust in yourself. In reconnecting to yourself you will be able to reconnect to others and the world. It will help you triumph over trauma and move from surviving to thriving to feeling truly alive.

Family, friends, counsellors, therapists, and all mental health professionals will also find the Warrior Within a useful and invaluable resource to understand the difficulties faced by survivors and how to support them in the process of recovery.

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